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Doors for enrollment will open again soon. In the meantime, you can sign up for our VIP waitlist, and when you do, you’ll also receive The Signature Style Guide, a 21 page workbook that will teach you how to  identify and create fabulous, authentic style with ease:

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Meet the founder: Kitty Cavalier


Hello! I'm Kitty.  Here I am with one of my great muses, my Mama, enjoying one of life's greatest joys, the perfect shade of red lipstick.  I travel the world helping women how savor life through the senses, using sensuality and pleasure as a path to mindfulness, presence and peace.  Growing up, my life's aspiration was to become a Catholic nun, but my Fairy Godmother had other plans.

My Fairy Godmother was not the portly, gray-haired, wish granting kind. She was more of a Mists of Avalon, long haired, purple-robed priestess kind. She was wise, beautiful and expertly adorned She was kind, funny, and smart as a whip.

But as time went on, she began to feel more like a distant fantasy than a guiding force. I would see glimpses of her throughout my life, but mostly reduced her to a childhood game. Then, one day when I was all grown up, I found her staring at me right in the face.

In the opening scene of the documentary Advanced Style, the creator of the film Ari Seth Cohen roams the streets of Manhattan looking for incredibly stylish women, preferably over the age of 60.  He finds them and lavishes them with attention.  They are walking works of art.  These women are more than their Chanel handbags.   They are explosions of unexpected, unbridled beauty.  

These are our Fairy Godmothers in human form.

They bundle crone-like wisdom with the timeless sex appeal and an indestructible joie de vivre. They on the cutting edge of The Great Divine Feminine Comeback, and they embody a power that forms the basis of Club Macaron -- La Femme Vitale. The feminine life force. 

Real life the examples of La Femme Vitale are endless.  We saw it when Michelle Obama brought her uncensored feminine life force to the White House, transforming us all with her with her charm, wit, sass and love of beauty.   La Femme Vitale lives in Maya Angelou’s poetry, Frida Kahlo’s painting, Aretha Franklin’s voice, Jane Goodall’s activism, Coco Chanel’s innovation, Julia Childs’ roast chicken, and so….much…..more.

La Femme Vitale is not just something that lives in you.  It is you.  YOU are a Femme Vitale. 

And Club Macaron is just the Charm School you've been waiting for.

I can't wait to raise my glass with you - enter your details and let's celebrate!