Club Macaron is a community for zesty babes with a ravenous hunger for all things charm and cheek; and who seek to live with sensuality, spirituality and style in all areas of life.

Welcome Femme Vitale!

Most likely if you've landed here, you are a Seeker.

You've been walking the road back to your most authentic self for a long time, and you've faced some serious demons along the way.

You've done countless meditations. You've attended gong baths.

You've written scores of morning pages. Maybe you've even walked on hot coals.

Brava beauty.  Well done. Now let's go get a gelato.

Do you ever find that the more you look at your problems, the more problems pop up to be fixed? 

And that along with those problems comes a new book to read, a new course to take, a new therapist to seek out, and a new crystal you have to sleep with?

This is not to diminish the importance or necessity of deep self-inquiry. 

But what if ENJOYMENT was actually a path to enlightenment?

What if rather than constantly working on yourself, you slowed down to actually taste the fruits of your labor?

What if abundance was not measured by how much you can get, but how deeply you can savor  what you have?

And what if there was a way to cultivate the virtues of humility, honesty, integrity, and authenticity, in a way that feels like drinking champagne at a Paris bistro, reading your favorite novel, and attending a tea party all at once?

Entre: Club Macaron.

  • Yearned for a community of fierce femmes who inspire you to speak your mind and seek fun ruthlessly
  • Had a hard time turning off your to-do list brain at the end of the day, despite making self care a near full-time job
  • Found that enjoying the taste of fine chocolate is your kind of meditation
  • Found yourself flummoxed by the question "So, what do you do for fun?"

Welcome to the Charm School you've been waiting for!


Meet The Founder, Kitty Cavalier


Hello! I'm Kitty.  Here I am with one of my great muses (and Club Macaron member), my Mama, savoring one of life's simple joys, bright red lipstick.  My passion and purpose in life is simple: allow spirit to speak through the senses, and help others to feel the same.

My journey has ranged from convent candidate to burlesque star.  I love all things glamorous, elegant and inviting.  I think the sexiest thing in the world is a person who speaks the truth and cares genuinely about other humans.  I enjoy exploring both the agony and the ecstasy of life; the deep, bitter espresso and the frothy cream on top. I have a deep devotion to beauty.  

I created Club Macaron because sensuality, spirituality and style are the three things I could talk about for the rest of time and never get bored, and because it is the kind of club I'd be extremely proud to be a member of.   I come to you as both teacher and companion on the journey.  I not only lead the group, I practice right alongside you. The tools, experiences and coaching of Club Macaron are designed to lead you to your own unlimited inner resource of courage, while the community cheers you on loudly and throws confetti on your path. 

It would be not only my pleasure but my honor to welcome you as a member.  Here's to the beginning of a fine romance!


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A portion of every Club Macaron Membership goes to support The Art Therapy Project, an organization dedicated to providing art therapy at no cost to under-served populations who have experienced trauma.

xandra b and w.png

"I’ve taken more self improvement courses than I can count, and Kitty is the number one teacher I recommend. She has revolutionized personal development through femininity. Every lesson is like a detox tea and a cocktail all in one, in just the right portion to make an profound impact. The lessons float through my head all week, guiding my choices and making me feel more in tune with my power.


nikki b and w.png

“I no longer need to shrink down if my authenticity makes others uncomfortable. Instead I present myself to the world vibrantly, and let the world shape itself around me.”


laurel b and w.png

“I have done a lot of personal work but continued to struggle with how I saw my body and the ever elusive “self love.”  Kitty revealed sweetly and delicately the path to wholeness through sensuality.  These tools transform me every day.  I walk this earth with a reverence I didn’t know how to access before. It’s a feeling every woman deserves.”


christina b and w.png

“I can be quite the skeptic but Kitty always blows me away with her responses and suggestions. She uses her playful, loving, spirit to see beneath the surface of a question and help you discover the real root inside. This work has provocatively and playfully helped me make space in my life for what truly matters."


jill b and w.png

This work has taught me how to feel good in my own skin.  I have put down the heavy bag of self-loathing and I now walk with the unshakeable swagger that I am the bee’s knees!


sofia b and w.png

“I am filled with more seduction, romance, playfulness and fun than I could have ever imagined for myself. I am forever changed by this experience.”


lulu b and w.png

“People started to tell me I looked different yet it wasn't external. It was my natural magnetism and confidence. Kitty helped me clear the rubble so that I can shine. If you're considering working with Kitty, the answer is Hell Yeah!!!”


lisa kraft b and w.jpg

"I am a different woman that the one I was before  I live a happier, more peaceful life today; one where I write my own script.  I’m not waiting on someone else to give me self-worth or dictate the direction of my life. This work opened my eyes and showed me how to be my own source of power."


suzanne b and w.png

"If you are ready for the awakening of your soul thre is a place waiting for you by the glow of candlelight in Club Macaron .When my world turned upside down and my husband almost died, it was the truth telling practices I learned here that helped me to speak the truth I needed to in order to fight for his survival.  These are lessons that will last a lifetime. "