We are down to the wire to join Club Macaron, which closes tonight at midnight. It occurred to me that you might be sitting on the fence, so to help you get you off that pointy beast I'm here to answer your questions as if we are sitting down to tea. Here we go!

Is this program just a bunch of fluff?

Depends on what you call fluff. Will you learn how to use pleasure, beauty and glamour as a tool for healing? Yes. Will you learn how to live a more meaningful life by slowing down to savor through the senses? Yes. Will you be introduced to some of the world's best designers, stylists, innovators and spiritual teachers? You betcha.

If that's fluff, well smack my ass and call me Marabou. :)

I see it’s $47/month. For how long?

This is a month to month membership. Your membership can be cancelled at any time, and doing so takes less than ten seconds.

Please note that this is the ONLY time the book will be included with membership. In future the book will only be available at an additional cost.

Can I sign up at anytime?

No, enrollment closes at 11:59am PST this Thursday May 31st so let's do this!

Sensuality makes me nervous. Does that mean I shouldn’t join?

I hear you sister! Sensuality can be a complicated concept, but I invite you to ponder this simple truth: sensuality is nothing more and nothing less than savoring life through the senses. This is about making life more meaningful and satisfying by being in your body. No crotchless panties required.

Why is this program named after a cookie?

Because french macarons are delicious, chic, handcrafted and beautiful; all values we cherish in the club. (And because "Institute of embodiment, sensuality, beauty that helps you make moments matter through slowing down in a fun and cheeky way" was WAAAY too long of a url.)

What do I get when I become a member of Club Macaron?

The minute you join you'll receive:

  • The full color Club Macaron Book in print and PDF, filled with powerful stories, inspiring journaling prompts, and choose-your-own-adventure style exercises
  • Weekly charm school lessons with themes like simplifying luxury, beauty as prayer, how to tell the truth with confidence, the art of savoring, flirtation mastery, style as a spiritual practice, and more
  • A monthly Date Night of group coaching with Kitty and the Club Macaron community
  • Live weekly meditations to center your nervous system and help you slow down
  • Surprises we wouldn't dare ruin here! :)

Does Club Macaron do any charitable contributing?

We do indeed! A portion of every Club Macaron membership goes to The Art Therapy Project, which provides art therapy at no cost to traumatized individuals in under-served populations. This organization is very near and dear to my heart and I am proud to support them.