Guest Star Salon: The Language of Color with Alena Hennessy

Macarons, Meet Alena.

Alena Hennessy began making art at a very young age, way before she could write. She would spend hours upon hours drawing on the back of her Grandmother’s dittos, making up imaginary worlds. Since then her love of creating has evolved– branching out with a deep desire to assist others in finding their true voice in through art.

Alena is giving us a gorgeous lesson in The Language of Color. Understanding color theory has changed EVERYTHING in how I dress, decorate and see the world. This information is golden in learning how to create harmonized, elegant, creative art in your wardrobe, your home, floral arranging, makeup - everywhere you use color!

To learn more about Alena you can visit her website here, or follow her on Instagram.

P.S. - Here is a VERY informative resource about color theory (also where I pulled the sample pallets from) at GCF Learn Free.