Thriving Through Pleasure

We know pleasure is, well, pleasurable! But what if pleasure could have a deeper meaning? What if rather than just reward or recovery, pleasure could be a source of creativity, energy and inspiration? If you feel pleasure-deficient, OR if you’ve tried to fill your life with pleasure and been left feeling nothing, this masterclass is for you. You’ll learn…(continue reading)

Beauty: A Sacred Remembrance

In this month's masterclass we explore beauty as a spiritual practice, a somatic form of self care, a way of conjuring the Feminine Divine, and a way of connecting to awe and wonder in life, every day…(Continue Reading)

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Have you ever seen a woman who looks effortlessly chic? Like she just pulled her outfit from her closet without a care, yet she looks styled, put together, and beautiful? This may seem like a gift you must be born with, but actually, it's a skill.
And the best person I can think of to teach you this skill is Xandra Robinson-Burns. When I first met Xandra in person at a retreat…(continue reading)

Healing Through Seduction

When was the last time you seduced yourself? Swooned at your own touch, made an audible sigh? In this masterclass with burlesque sensation Perle Noire, you’ll learn how to use sensuality to make your self love affair romantic, sexy and beautiful…(Continue Reading)