Monthly Masterclass: Creating a Capsule Wardrobe


Meet Xandra.

When I first met Xandra in person at a retreat, I was besotted by her charm, wit, and innovative way of seeing the world. I was also shocked at her minimalist approach to packing. She came all the way to Italy with one duffel tote on her back, yet she dazzled us with a style and grace at every turn.

What was her secret? Was her North Face tote secretly a Mary Poppins carpet bag?

Actually, it was a system she’s refined over the years that some would call a “capsule wardrobe.” You might shy away from such a thing, thinking it preposterous to have a wardrobe of only a few select, well-loved pieces.

But as we know, a key to sensual living is simplicity.

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In this masterclass you’ll learn how to:

• Prune your wardrobe so that opening your closet feels uncluttered and dreamy

• Shop and style yourself with discernment

• Let go of feelings of guilt when getting rid of well loved items

• Ensure your wardrobe has the basics but also not get stuck in them

Xandra Robinson-Burns is an Essayist, Gryffindor, and the founder of Heroine Training. She writes about creativity, simplicity, and character. In Everyday Wonderland, she guides heroines in finding storybook magic in daily life, away from screens.