Masterclass: The Beauty of the Breath

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 Additional Resources:

  • Unwinding the Belly

    • A wonderful book that was a major catalyst for me in making breath work simple and pleasurable.

  • Angelic Breath Healing

    • A DIVINE and powerful breath work practice that literally takes you to other dimensions! Madeline is a wonderful guide in using breath to connect with the divine.

This masterclass includes four audios to learn the different techniques of beautiful breathing. After listening to this audio intro, you can begin with the techniques.

With Simple Belly Breath you’ll learn a 10-minute, functional breathing practice. This audio teaches you the basics of breathing deeply, artfully and well.

Contrary to popular belief, the breath is actually what controls the pace and speed of the mind. Use this 7-minute breath practice to whenever you need to slow down your thoughts.

There is a secret and sacred mirror in your body. It rests between your breastbone and pelvic bone. Experience the diaphragm and pelvic floor connection in this simple 12 minute breathing practice.

A sweet breath work practice that lets go of technique and lets sensation take the lead. Feel the connection between you and all things in this powerful, grounding meditation.