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I remember ten years ago, doing my best to climb the corporate ladder in a job that was so stressful I literally couldn't feel my legs at the end of the day.

I would stand in the shower at night, pinching them to try to wake them up.

I agreed to everything that was asked of me at that point in my life, at my work and at home. I had hardly any voice of my own. Every part of myself (except for my ego that loved people pleasing) was in MISERY.

My life today could not be more different. I feel amazing in my body. I trust my gut implicitly. I do work that I love all over the world.

What was my "lightning bolt moment"?

Well here's the thing. There wasn't one.

In my experience, real change doesn't happen in lightning bolt moments. In fact, lightning bolt moments are just a product of many small, ordinary decisions to change.

What can I tell you about those moments?

Well, often they were moments of looking deeply and honestly at what wasn't working; being willing to let go of what was safe in order to have what was true.

But even more than that, was something else.

Something very high level.

Really sophisticated, spiritual stuff. Not for the faint of heart.

Something called...


Here's the thing about fun, my love.

It seems so...frivolous, even...pointless. I know.

But actually, fun can pack 10x more healing power than a stack of Freudian fainting couches.

Remember the last time you laughed until you cried and used belly muscles you didn't know existed?

Or the last time you plunged into a scoop of gelato and felt so much pleasure you almost forgot your own name?

Or the last time you winked at a stranger, even though it made you blush afterwards?

Can you feel your system getting a little more bubbly just reading about these things?

And when your system feels like that, do you notice that life doesn't feel so heavy?

That being an adult doesn't feel so draining?

And that solutions to your problems actually seem kind of...obvious?

Stephanie, one of our beloved Club Macaron members put it perfectly in this post:

"Club Macaron...because I want to remember to experience the day to day with my body and not just my mind. Because I want to remember how much I love to be touched. Because I want to remember the joy I feel when I buy myself fresh flowers.

Because I want to feel the luxuriousness of anointing myself with perfume. Because I want to walk on the grass barefoot and revel in the exquisiteness of each blade.

Because I want to feel. Because I want to experience my day not just let it pass by. That is why...Club Macaron."

Are you ready to have some FUN again?

Ready to get your energy back?

Ready to start spontaneous dance parties with your kids while they brush their teeth at night?

Ready to feel sexy and turned on in your body?

Ready to say whatever is on your mind without caring what people think?

Club Macaron closes at midnight tonight.

Let's get your GLOW back.