Love Note: Filler Words, What Are They Filling?

Love Note: Filler Words, What Are They Filling?

In the quest to slow down, there are many paths to travel.

A simple path to take is to listen to the frequency of your filler words.





Mine is: you know what I mean?

Let's try an experiment: say, out loud, what you did this weekend.

Just a few sentences will do.

Notice how many filler words you used.

Then, try it again, without any filler in-between.

Do you notice a difference?

Sentences without fillers have a unique and weighted power.

For example, when you listen to Michelle Obama speak, you don't hear many fillers.

She is confident, poised, pointed, and purposeful.

You're right there in the moment with her, and she's right there in the moment with you.

Removing fillers is a way of clearing the clutter, cutting the fat, and trimming your words down to the bare essentials.

Are your filler words softening the succinctness of your truth, your knowing, your purpose?

As you engage in conversation with others today, try as much as you can to notice and omit your fillers.

Notice the sensations it creates in your body.

Does it feel powerful? Uncomfortable? Somewhere in-between?

(I think all worthy pursuits fall somewhere on that spectrum.)



From Guilty To Grateful

From Guilty To Grateful

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