Love Note: Slip Into Something More Comfortable, Without Changing Your Clothes

Love Note: Slip Into Something More Comfortable, Without Changing Your Clothes

This week I went to a friend's birthday party, decked out to the nines.

Smoky eye, velvet kimono with silver threading, POUND tourmaline necklace, suede t-strap stilettos.

I left the house feeling fresh, frisky and fabulous.

However, I had put so much time into my outfit, I suddenly realized I was 15 minutes late!

I lead footed my way to the restaurant and parked in the lot down the street.

I huffed and puffed up the hill to my location, teetering on my t-straps all the way.

I had no regrets about my choice of adornment. But man did I long for my velvet flats!

In that moment, I felt frustrated, cranky and uncomfortable. And if I'm honest, a little bit bashful that my outfit was taking up so much of my energy and attention.

So, I slooooowwwwwwwed down my pace.

(If they had already waited fifteen minutes they could wait fifteen and a half.)

I sloooowwwed down my breathing.

I prayed to refocus my energy on what was actually important to me: entering the restaurant with an open heart, looking my friend in the eye when I wished him happy birthday, listening deeply and engaging fully when meeting friends old and new.

This tiny adjustment made me feel like I had slipped into an energetic chenille bathrobe.

I eased into the restaurant, felt myself full present, cheekily and humbly saying, "So sorry I'm late. You can blame the smoky eye."

They laughed, and said not to worry, that I was right on time.

Whether your body is in cotton, wool or sequined pants today, may your soul feel an impenetrable sense of ease, comfort and joy.

Yours in velvet AND flannel,


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Divine Design: Knead & Seed

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