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When self care starts to feel like work…

it isn’t working anymore!

You've been walking the road back to your most authentic self for a long time.

You've done countless meditations.

You've attended several gong baths.

You've written scores of morning pages.

Maybe you've even walked on hot coals.

Brava beauty.  Well done. Now let's go get a gelato.

Do you ever find that the more you look at your problems, the more problems pop up to be fixed? 

And that along with those problems comes a new book to read, a new course to take, a new therapist to seek out, and a new crystal you have to sleep with under your pillow?

This is not to diminish the importance or necessity of deep self-inquiry. 

But what if ENJOYMENT was actually a path to enlightenment?

What if rather than constantly working on yourself, you slowed down to actually taste the fruits of your labor?

What if rather than trying to force different thoughts, you tended to your body’s need for beauty, relaxation, and pleasure, so positive thoughts could arise naturally?

And what if pursuing the virtues of humility, honesty, and authenticity could feel like reading your favorite novel and attending a tea party all at once?

Entre: Club Macaron.

club macaron title image.png

Babe, you don’t need my permission, but here it is anyway …

You can have your Om and your Ooh La La, too.

You can do yoga AND dance to gypsy jazz.

You can ditch the deprivation and striptease your stress away.

This, brave beauty, is the path of the Femme Vitale.

Sexier and more alluring than a Femme Fatale, the Femme Vitale is aglow with life force.

She embodies wisdom, timeless sex appeal, and joie de vivre.

She wears red lipstick is an act of devotion.

She speaks what is on her mind.

She makes the ordinary exquisite.

My life’s work is to create a meeting place for Femme Vitale’s to come together.

That’s why I’ve created:

charm school femme vitales 1.png

Enrollment Closes at Midnight Tonight!

In Club Macaron, we make personal growth feel like tea and truffles.

You’ll learn how to shift your mindset and sashay your hips.

You’ll learn how to meditate peacefully, and how to master wingtip eyeliner.

Club Macaron is a place where you can open your mind, enjoy your body, and celebrate the sensual as a devotional path.

xandra b and w.png

"I’ve taken more self improvement courses than I can count, and Kitty is the number one teacher I recommend. She has revolutionized personal development through femininity. Every lesson is like a detox tea and a cocktail all in one, in just the right portion to make an profound impact. The lessons float through my head all week, guiding my choices and making me more in tune with my power.



I had lost my spark. I had lost my magic. I felt I wasn't enough. This is why I joined Club Macaron. I knew something had to be done, and quickly before I fell down a hole of self-doubt I couldn't get out of. I've met a group of women who are truly there to support me. These women celebrate with me and rage with me. These women build me up. I've learned to speak my truth and I'm learning to love myself. I'll be forever grateful!



I can’t recommend Club Macaron enough! I have become clear about who I am as a woman. With the support of my Club Macaron sisters, I manifested my dream job! I have learned to take control of my life and build a life that seduces me. I celebrate small victories daily and have established friendships with like-minded women that I cherish deeply.


Meet The Founder, Kitty Cavalier


Hello! I'm Kitty. Here I am with one of my great muses (and Club Macaron member), my Mama, savoring one of one of life's simple joys: the perfect shade of bright red lipstick. My passion and purpose in life is simple: allow spirit to speak through the senses, and help others to feel the same.

My journey has ranged from convent candidate to burlesque star. I love all things glamorous, elegant and inviting. I think the sexiest thing in the world is a person who speaks the truth and cares genuinely about other humans. I enjoy exploring both the agony and the ecstasy of life; the deep, bitter espresso and the frothy cream on top. I have a deep devotion to beauty.

I created Club Macaron because sensuality, spirituality and style are the three things I could talk about for the rest of time and never get bored, and because it is the kind of club I'd be extremely proud to be a member of. I come to you as both teacher and companion on the journey. I not only lead the group, I practice right alongside you. The tools, experiences and coaching of Club Macaron are designed to lead you to your own unlimited inner resource of courage, while the community cheers you on loudly and throws confetti on your path.

It would be not only my pleasure but my honor to welcome you as a member. Here's to the beginning of our fine romance!


The Club Macaron Book:

club macaron book mockup.jpg

The Club Macaron Book

Available to members only, this full-color, 180 page gem of a book will be delivered to your to your inbox immediately. {Or, if you prefer the REAL THING, order a print copy to be delivered to your doorstep!} Part personal memoir, part cheeky magazine, part interactive guidebook, this beauty will show you how to infuse style, sensuality and feminine spirituality into every area of life. {Click here to peek at the introduction.}

A New Masterclasses Every Month

book resources.jpg

From Kitty's lips to your ears, each month you’ll receive a new masterclass designed to educate and inspire you. Masterclasses are 30-minute audio teachings on topics such as trusting your instincts, simplifying luxury, style as a spiritual practice and more. You’ll also get a list of curated resources with suggested movies, books, blogs, and more. {And yes: you get access to the entire masterclass archive when you join!}

Members-Only Love Notes, Every Monday Morning

pause plaisir.jpg

Start every week styled and inspired with a short ’n sweet, inspirational love letter from Kitty. These notes are brimming with inspiration, encouragement and fresh perspectives to stop striving for your goals, and start seducing them.

Date Night Q and A Coaching


Our monthly community date night gathering is filled with stimulating conversation, sensual delights, and intimate connection - just like any good date! These evenings begin with a sensuality practice followed by powerful Q and A coaching from Kitty. Members gush that Date Night feels like “balm for the soul.” You’ll leave ready to think bigger, be bolder, and go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Plus these two bonuses:


The Self-Care Suite

This treasure trunk overflows with gems. You’ll have instant access to video Spa Rituals, Movement Rituals for every mood from soothing to sassy, 75+ meditation audios, a directory of playlists to suit everything from a hot bath to a hot makeout sesh…and so much more!

date night.jpg

The Guest Star Salon

Learn feminine arts from Kitty’s favorite wise women. No more scouring the internet for the best information on beauty, style, sexiness and spirituality; here we serve them up on a silver platter! Celebrity facialists, professional stylists, astrologers, artists, orgasm coaches, designers and more - these 20-minute power chats are guaranteed to leave you swooning!

In Club Macaron you’ll learn to:

  •  Simplify Sensuality

Sensuality can be a complicated subject, but at it's heart, sensuality could not be more simple.  Sensuality is nothing more and nothing less than engaging with life through your senses. In Club Macaron you will learn how to turn the simplest pleasures into moments of astounding luxury, how to trust your body deeply, and how to make simple shifts that will make even the most ordinary moments feel voluptuous. 

  • Use beauty as prayer

In Club Macaron you will be supported in making beauty a priority in your life. Most of us don't prioritize beauty because we feel we don't have the time. Investing time in how you dress, eat, decorate and adorn is a practice with rich rewards.  When we prioritize beauty, time stretches.   The present moment becomes more vibrant, lively and precious.   In Club Macaron, you will learn how to refine and revel in this uniquely feminine, decadent art, making beauty itself a powerful and pleasurable part of your spiritual practice.

  • Tend to Your Resplendent Feminine Nervous System

We all know the power of positive thinking, but using the mind to change your thoughts is kind of like using the same consciousness that created a problem to solve it.  In Club Macaron, we let your BODY do the talking by finding your nervous system's Sweet Spot. When you are in the sweet spot, it doesn’t matter if you are strolling along the Seine River or pumping gas at a rest stop, your body feels ALIVE and ENGAGED with life, and your mood and emotions follow suit.  Tending to the nervous system is usually limited to "take a deep breath and relax", but in Club Macaron you will learn how to play all the instruments in the symphony of your nervous system, giving you the tools to feel energized, renewed and in-tune.

  • Practice authentic, clear communication with Vérité

Verite is the French word for truth, but more than that, Verite is a state of being.  It the peace that comes from listening to the still, small voice of your truth over the shouting voice of your ego.  It is the glow that comes from allowing the truth that lives inside of you to exist and be seen outside if you.  In Club Macaron you will learn how to listen deeply for your Verite, and through powerful assertiveness training, learn to speak it with ease, grace and guts.

  • Cultivate Your Signature Style

More than how we dress, style is how we express.  How we walk, how we talk, how we work, how we flirt -  style is reflected in all of it! Club Macaron brings you some of the world's BEST stylists, artists, perfumers, decorators and designers to learn how to bring style into every nook and cranny of your life

Enrollment Closes at Midnight Tonight!

christina b and w.png

“I can be quite the skeptic but Kitty always blows me away with her responses and suggestions. She uses her playful, loving, spirit to see beneath the surface of a question and help you discover the real root inside. This work has provocatively and playfully helped me make space in my life for what truly matters."



Thanks to Club Macaron, I have more clarity, focus and creativity. I have less self-criticism, I TRUST myself. Club Macaron has given me strategies to become a better decision maker and created a more intimate understanding of my Higher Self. Yes there maybe other programs that offer coaching and community; however there is only ONE Kitty Cavalier; and to KNOW her is to LOVE her and her passionate work!



Club Macaron has given me space to connect with my physical body. I’ve learned to understand, connect and revere this vessel of my soul. I now see the beauty, strength, softness, the lusciousness. This has been an awakening, and has given me a new, holistic confidence. I see life through a new lens - the lens of beauty, sensation and love. Thank you for building this community.



Join us, mes amis!

Join today and you’ll receive:

  • The Club Macaron E-book

  • A new Masterclass each month

  • Access to Lounge Macaron, our online community

  • Inspirational Love Notes from Kitty every week

  • Monthly date night gatherings and live Q&A

  • Access to the entire Club Macaron archive including Masterclasses, Date Night’s, Guest Star Salons and More

    BONUS: Access to the Self-Care Suite and the Guest Star Salon


Enrollment Closes at Midnight Tonight!


I have always felt slightly uncomfortable in my own skin and never like a WOMAN. Club Macaron is teaching me how to stop rushing in life, how to stop avoiding myself and my body and how to embrace my womanity, my resplendent femininity. I feel more comfortable, confident and feminine every day!!! I am honored to be a fellow femme vitale.


suzanne b and w.png

"If you are ready for the awakening of your soul there is a place waiting for you by the glow of candlelight in Club Macaron. When my world turned upside down and my husband almost died, it was the truth telling practices I learned here that helped me to speak the truth I needed to in order to fight for his survival. These are lessons that will last a lifetime. "



Since Club Macaron, I've been able to savor and feel the pleasure of life, whether it's when I'm grocery shopping or having a night out with friends! By learning to tune into the sensations of my body, I've become more comfortable in my skin and in speaking my truth, which has truly begun to alter my course in life.



Who can join Club Macaron?

Any female identified person can join Club Macaron.

Can I buy the book without becoming a member?

The book is only available to members because the book was written to be a companion to the program. 

Can I sign up at anytime?

No, enrollment is only open through Thursday November 15th at 11:59pm.

How does billing work?

Club Macaron is a monthly membership, so every 30 days you will be automatically charged $47.  You can cancel at anytime. If you would prefer to not be charged monthly, you can also sign up for the 6-month membership option.

How do I cancel my membership?

Once logged into the membership site, simply click on “your account” and choose cancel.  No contracts,no fuss. Easy peasy!

Is there a Facebook Group?

Yes. The Facebook group is a wonderful way to connect with other women in the program and share your insights - HOWEVAH.   The whole point of Club Macaron is live in the moment and savor life through the senses, so if you choose not to participate via Facebook or only participate occasional, that is no problem whatsoever.

I have more questions, who should I ask?

Contact us at support@kittycavalier.com and we will happily get back to you in 24 hours or less!

Join us today:

Enrollment Closes at Midnight Tonight!

You don’t have to turn off your sensuality because it’s too daring or dangerous.

You don’t have to smile primly at things that aren’t funny.

You don’t have to stay stuck in a relationship that doesn’t serve you because you’re afraid there’s nothing better out there.

You don’t have to renounce your feminine frills because they’re too superficial or un-spiritual.

It can be satin and velours and devil-may-care, and for the love of all that shimmers, it can actually be fun.

Welcome to a community of Femme Vitales who will remind you:

To slow down and speak from the heart.

To never feel guilty for prioritizing feeling good in your body.

To honor beauty as an essential nutrient to your feminine soul.

To measure abundance not on how much you can get, but on how deeply you can savor what you have.

Let’s make growing and changing chic as f*ck.

{Come on in, ma cherie!}


See you inside gorgeous!

Enrollment Closes at Midnight Tonight!